Do you believe you have a novel invention?

Step 1: Tell your Business Manager

If you have a technology that you believe may have commercial potential, the first step is to get in touch with the business manager for your department or NHS trust.

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Step 2: Download an Invention Disclosure form

All researchers with potentially commercialisable research results should fill out a confidential Invention Disclosure form (IDF) (see below) and submit it to their UCLB Business Manager. The Invention Disclosure form (IDF) asks for the names of all inventors, a brief description of the invention, funding sources, and potential commercial applications of the technology.

Any premature public disclosure of your invention will negatively impact the ability to obtain a patent. The submittal of an Invention Disclosure should precede any publication or oral presentation that describes the invention. Sharing the data with colleagues or posting an abstract on the Internet are examples of public disclosure that need to be prevented if the invention might be patentable. In no case should outside entities be informed of an invention prior to notifying UCLB.

Read more about the Technology Transfer process.

Have you contacted your Business Manager?


Get in touch with your Business Manager before submitting an IDF.Find your Business Manager

Ensure your business manager is aware you are about to submit them an IDF.Download IDF