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What is chirp?

Chirp is a unique app that lets you share things (like pictures or contacts) – using sound. The app uses special electronic birdsong to ‘chirp’ information over the air to your friends. Every chirp is a little song that links to anything you want to share. Soon we hope to bring out Chirp for Android and all kinds of other platforms to come. The app is free to download and use, making it easy to share data and connect devices.

Why sound?

Sound is everywhere. Because there are billions of little loudspeakers on Earth: in radios, TVs, laptops, phones. So everywhere there’s a loudspeaker, you can put links to useful or interesting or helpful stuff.

How does it work?

You can think of a chirp as a tiny piece of music. Each chirp lasts about two seconds. The system listens out for a couple of dozen notes played rapidly in a certain order, within a certain range, at a certain speed. The audio engine tries to decode the sequence of notes into a sequence of letters which our server understands. The server then returns a link to the user so they can go wherever the short code points: to a webpage, say. This decode all happens in real-time on your phone.


Chirp is commercialised by Animal Systems, a UCLB spinout company.


Download Chirp on your iPhone for free here

iGE provides a complete interactive course in English grammar, enabling English language students to develop their knowledge and skills more effectively, and was targeted at students studying the English language at secondary school, high school or university, as well as those who are studying English as a second or foreign language. iGE is written by a team of linguists at University College London (UCL), independently ranked as one of the world’s best Universities. The grammar you’ll be learning is based on recent research and best practice in the field. The app was developed in response to students and teachers who said that many existing learning tools, whether paper-based or interactive, often fail to meet their English language learning needs. Teachers and students are given advice about grammar that is often dated, confusing and, in some cases, highly misleading. The app offers students the opportunity to practise their language skills and study English whenever they want and wherever they are, with further apps for punctuation and spelling planned for the near future. The iGE course covers the same ground as a first year undergraduate course in Modern English Grammar. But that does not mean it is difficult to follow! We have written iGE to make grammar accessible, with clear explanations, colourful notation and lots of examples.


iPhone users can download the full version of iGE here or the Lite version here



Answers in Medicine Apps for iPhone and iPad will cover all aspects on Internal Medicine, including interactive clinical examinations of the major organ systems and engaging illustrated talks of the main diseases and conditions. The series has been developed by Professor Owen Epstein of the Royal Free and University College Medical School, London.


The clinical examination Apps cover history taking as well as the examination itself. Examination tips are accessible via highly interactive modules via the anatomy or the clinical sign.


To date, in Gastroenterology and Hepatology, each condition is covered by a series of engaging interviews and accompanied by illustrations and animations, supported by the text transcripts. The interviews typically include an introduction, clinical features, investigations and management, with many other features.


The high quality medical information is delivered at the standard required for medical and nursing graduates, and useful for undergraduates in clinical years. The Apps are equally accessible to patients and individuals who want to find out more about certain conditions.


The series has been produced in association with UCLB PLC and is based on the latest British Society of Gastroenterology Guidelines.


Download Answers In Medicine for here