UCLB-branded graduated compression socks are premier league

23 July 2009

UCLB was delighted to support the UCL Advances recent “Future of Sport” event. Showcasing UCL’s contribution in this field the event highlighted the importance of the advancement of sport for competitive advantage, health and well-being.

Evexar elite sports socks
UCLB’s subsidiary company Evexar Medical Ltd recently established Evexar Compression Advisory Ltd focusing on the distribution of its premium range sports graduated compression socks designed to aid performance, lessen muscle fatigue and provide ankle support.

The socks are now worn by athletes in premier league football clubs such as Manchester United, Chelsea and Fulham as well as being supplied to a variety of other sports including cricket and rugby. Distribution is expanding and the socks will soon be released for sale to the wider public.

Mike Davison, Commercial Director of Evexar Compression Advisory Ltd said “The socks are proving to be very popular among the British sporting elite. They should be worn before, during and after any sporting activity to improve blood circulation and aid recovery from muscle fatigue. The product’s association with UCLB, UCL’s technology transfer office has in my view played a significant part in the successful distribution of the socks to big name clients.”

Saphena medical socks
In addition, the UCL-branded Saphena medical sock range, has delivered considerable benefits to patients in the clinical environment. Manufactured by Pretty Legs Hosiery Ltd and distributed by Griffith and Neilson Ltd, Saphena is sold into 31 NHS Trusts in England (representing 90 hospitals) and 58 BMI Healthcare Hospitals. Sales have recently exceeded 1.5 million pairs with 55 thousand pairs being sold every month.

The Saphena sock is the only UK designed and manufactured support sock on the market which is otherwise dominated by American competitors. The high volume of sales is a significant achievement for UCL and UCLB.


Further Information
For information on the Evexar socks send an enquiry to: info@evexcomp.com

For information on the Saphena socks contact Dr Abbie Watts, Senior Business Manager, UCL Business PLC on 020 7679 9000, (a.watts@uclb.com)