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EuroTempest features on 'The Naked Scientists' radio show

30 April 2010

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EuroTempest Operations Director, Frank Roberts, speaks to Meera Senthilingam on how their weather forecasting software collects data and helps insurers prepare their resources more accurately for large payouts. 

Managed and supported by UCL Business PLC, EuroTempest has grown considerably in 2008. Dr Mike Arnott of UCL Business said “Interest in and awareness of EuroTempest is growing rapidly throughout Europe. The team are developing and delivering new products for major players in weather sensitive industries and it is great to see their expertise being recognized.”

Click here to listen to the full interview.

EuroTempest Ltd
EuroTempest Ltd is a commercial venture spun out with the help of UCL Business PLC in 2007 using a unique piece of software which provides re-insurers and risk managers with forecasts for European windstorms and their localised potential wind damage to two digit postcode resolution. The software tool provides quantitative and probabilistic forecast for maximum wind gusts and potential wind damage, high precipitation and extreme temperatures across 26 European countries. Actively managed by UCL Business PLC, the venture has attracted several high-profile insurance clients and since 2009, Eurotempest has provided data for more than a third of UK policy claims.

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Further Information
For further information contact Dr Mike Arnott, Business Manager, UCL Business PLC on 020 7679 9000, (m.arnott@uclb.com).