UCLB highlighted as model for American universities in The Chronicle of Higher Education publication

23 February 2011

UCL Business was covered in The Chronicle of Higher Education publication, ‘In Britain, a Tech-Transfer Operation Where Profits Aren’t the Only Goal’.

“Socks designed by a vascular surgeon at University College London that improve circulation for hospital patients and professional soccer players make money for the university. A gene-therapy drug to treat a rare form of inherited blindness very likely will not.  A 15-year research project that involves banking and analyzing blood-serum samples and health records of 200,000 women across the British Isles doesn’t generate a return now, but someday it probably will.

University College London Business, the institution’s technology-transfer company, plays a role in those and hundreds of other projects. And the mix of the financially profitable and socially relevant in its portfolio is no accident”

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