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Endomagnetics wins business award for best new product

21 March 2014

Endomagnetics Ltd, a UCLB spinout company that is developing a portfolio of products to improve the standard of breast cancer management, has been named as a winner of the Best New Product or Business Model in this year’s Business Weekly Awards.

The awards are open to organisations of all sizes and from every business sector across the East of England, attracting a large number of entries.

Presenting Endomagnetics with the award, Tony Collard of Ethos Communication Solutions said; “Endomagnetics has developed advanced magnetic sensing technology to improve diagnosis of breast cancer and is also making great advances in the areas of melanoma and colorectal cancer.

The SentiMag® system is used as part of the current standard sentinel lymph node (SLNB) technique, used by surgeons to monitor the spread of cancer and to plan interventions. Unlike the present system, Endomagnetics’ technology can be used by surgeons as part of an efficient workflow, and does not require specialist technicians to store and manage radioisotopes.  Patients are spared the anxiety of radioactivity and the possible need to attend multiple clinics. The system consists of the highly sensitive SentiMag®instrument and its associated tracer, Sienna+®.  The system is currently in use in 8 countries across the EU: UK, Germany, Poland, France, Italy, Belgium, Holland, and Switzerland.

In accepting the award, CEO of Endomagnetics Dr Eric Mayes said, “We are naturally delighted at winning this award. Our expanding team and partners can regard it as a well-deserved tribute to the success of their efforts in developing this technology from a university spin-out to an international commercial success.

Dr Steven Schooling, who represents UCLB’s interests on the board of Endomagnetics further noted, “It is great to see the continuing commercial progress of Endomagnetics being recognised with this high profile Business Weekly Award.

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