On Tuesday 20th June 2017 UCLB hosted its annual summer reception

21 June 2017

UCLB hosted its annual summer reception where guests enjoyed refreshing drinks and delicious canapés under UCL’s prestigious portico.

UCLB’s Managing Director, Mr Cengiz Tarhan, addressed guests and outlined some of the company’s major achievements of the last 12 months. Mr Tarhan then welcomed Professor Michael Arthur, President & Provost of UCL, who presented this year’s winners of the UCL Business Award and the One-to-watch Award with their prizes. The UCL Business Award was presented to Professors Bobby Gasper and Adrian Thrasher for their work on Orchard Therapeutics. Orchard Therapeutics is a biotechnology company focused on the development and commercialization of transformative ex-vivo gene therapy medicines for patients with orphan diseases. Story here

L-R: Professor Michael Arthur (President & Provost, UCL), Professor Adrian Thrasher (Orchard Therapeutics), Professor Bobby Gaspar (Orchard Therapeutics) and Mr Cengiz Tarhan (Managing Director, UCLB)


Brainminer were awarded UCLB’s One-to-Watch Award. Brainminer is an innovative medical imaging solution provider that is capitalising upon state of the art expertise in quantitative neurological imaging arising from the Translational Imaging Research Group (TIG) at UCL, in order to provide automated analysis and interpretation of patient brain scans, initially within a dementia context. Story here


L-R: Professor Michael Arthur (President & Provost, UCL), Team at Brainminer, Cengiz Tarhan (Managing Director, UCLB)


The presentations were wrapped up with the winners of the UCLB prize draw. This year’s winners were Trish Greenan from UCL Consultants and Dr Lucy Williams of J A Kemp. They both received an exclusive signed print from the UCL Slade School of Fine Art, one of which was the work of the Provost.

L-R: Dr Lucy Williams (J A Kemp), Professor Michael Arthur (President & Provost, UCL), Trish Greenan (UCL Consultants) and Cengiz Tarhan (Managing Director, UCLB)