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Queen Square Analytics launches to develop breakthrough imaging analysis technology for neurological clinical trials

24 May 2021

Queen Square Analytics, a new UCL spinout, has formally launched to apply next-generation image analysis technology to neurological clinical trials. Born out of work conducted in the university’s multiple sclerosis clinical trials research office at the Queen Square Institute of Neurology and the Centre for Medical Image Computing, Queen Square Analytics will harness technology to measure the effectiveness of treatments in areas such as multiple sclerosis.

This is another marker of UCL’s highly successful approach to technology transfer, taking artificial intelligence and image processing from academic research labs to direct patient benefit. Taking that technology and making it industry ready for medical imaging has taken years of pioneering data analysis and using machine learning at three UCL Departments of Queen Square Institute of Neurology, Computer Science and Medical Physics and Biomedical Engineering to ensure the technology leads in the analysis of clinical trial data, rather than historically being led by human raters.

The spinout is led by Bruce Lynn, who previously held the CEO position at another UCL med-tech spinout, SmartTarget. He has a proven track record in taking research and helping commercialise it at a pace that offers flexibility and responsiveness, which enables more pharmaceutical companies to move quicker and be driven by the technology.

Queen Square Analytics CEO Bruce Lynn said: “Medical imaging technology has surged in use over the past decade, providing a wealth of data for better understanding and treating conditions. The mountain of digital data presents not only a huge opportunity, but also complex challenges to navigate and interpret. Queen Square Analytics assembles a team of world-class expertise in this area who can assist in analysing these large data sets best and draw insights in clinical trials. This combination mapped to the technology we’re developing will help expedite clinical trials and result in greater societal benefits.”

UCLB Business Manager, Weng Sie Wong said: “The launch of Queen Square Analytics as a UCL spinout is testament to the effort the team has put into creating a commercial entity that can work within the pharmaceutical sector, as well as applying technology that can have life-changing benefits to those that live with multiple sclerosis. Queen Square Analytics now has a platform to further invest in its technology and to expand into advanced analytics in new treatment areas.”

“Queen Square Analytics brings together decades of expertise at the Queen Square Institute of Neurology, with the world-leading, modern technology at the Centre for Medical Image Computing to address the most impactful areas in clinical trial analysis such as prediction of treatment response. The formation of this spinout has been a team effort and only become possible with the unique support and mentorship of UCL Business”, said Arman Eshaghi, Co-founder of Queen Square Analytics and Senior Research Fellow at the Queen Square Multiple Sclerosis Centre.

Queen Square Analytics has been awarded an Innovate UK scholar award, enabling it to hire Daniele Ravi, an expert in developing novel AI frameworks in healthcare. This award enables the spinout to further create and refine new tools to positively impact patients’ lives with the latest AI technology.

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About Queen Square Analytics

Queen Square Analytics offers comprehensive capabilities in contract research for neurological clinical trials, with a focus on multiple sclerosis (MS). Its team has a collective experience of more than a century in MS clinical trials and neurodegenerative disorders.