TenU Hosts Women in Innovation: key insights

28 July 2022

TenU Women in Innovation event

Tenu’s Women in Innovation event featured insights from our CEO, Anne Lane, alongside Lesley Millar-Nicholson (MIT Technology Licensing Office), Almesha Campbell (Jackson State University), Fiona Murray (MIT Sloan School of Management), Gaele Lalahy (Balance-App), and Maina Bhaman (Sofinnova Partners).

Some of the key calls to action from the event were:

  • Represent women in innovation ads, calls, etc.
  • Ask men to join the conversation
  • Diversify networks to broaden the pool of excellence
  • Collect data to encourage behaviour change
  • Seek multi-faceted solutions.

Read more about the event, and watch the full recording on TenU’s website.