UCLB collaborates with Severn Partnership to support and develop SnakeGrid

15 May 2023

Train tracks

Severn Partnership, a specialist in infrastructure geodetic mapping, has announced a new collaboration with UCLB and Dr Jonathan Iliffe to support and develop SnakeGrid, the system that develops bespoke low-distortion grids for large infrastructure projects.

This collaboration aims to expand SnakeGrids’s use across UK and international infrastructure projects, as well as provide continued support in its current operational areas.

Dr Steven Schooling, UCLB’s Director of Engineering and Physical Sciences,  said: “The SnakeGrid methodology, developed by Dr. Jon lliffe at UCL, has provided innovative lowdistortion coordinate systems for large engineering projects such as HS2, with the software tools to utilise SnakeGrid being commercialised via UCLB since 2009. The collaboration with Severn Partnership provides the opportunity to further scale the adoption and impact of SnakeGrid and both myself and Jon look forward to working with the Severn team to achieve these objectives.”

Read the news update from Severn Partnership here.