Orchard Therapeutics

UCLB has partnered with F-Prime Capital Partners (formerly Fidelity Capital Partners) to create Orchard Therapeutics Ltd. F-prime has committed £20,000,000 investment (in 3 tranches of £6.67M) and UCLB has licensed three technologies arising from the groups of Prof. Bobby Gaspar and Prof. Adrian Thrasher at the UCL Institute of Child Health. The company will focus on the development of lentiviral gene therapies for ultra-orphan indications such as ADA deficiency (a programme developed jointly with UCLA), mucopolysaccharidosis, type 1 (MPS1) IDUA gene mutation and HLH perforin deficiency. The UCL programmes are the cornerstone of network of gene therapy experts pulled together by UCL and Fprime.  F-prime is in late stage negotiations with University of Manchester, Genethon and Boston Children’s to bring in four additional (three clinical stage) programmes.

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