UCLH Innovation Office

UCLH Innovation Office is designed to help capture the innovative ideas that members of staff may have ideas that can ultimately improve patient care.
We can provide:

  • Identification of the barriers to innovation and potential development solutions to overcome those barriers.
  • Advice to staff on how to protect their ideas so that they can seek appropriate translational funding or commercial partners.
  • Help in identifying and applying for development or translational funding.
  • Advice from legal experts about intellectual property or commercial agreements.
  • Access to expertise around regulatory compliance such as CE marking.
  • Contact and experience dealing with organisations that may be able to produce prototypes including, but not limited to: devices; surgical equipment and software.
  • Evaluation of innovative ideas and identification of development routes and commercial potential.
  • Negotiation of commercial terms with licensees or investors.

What’s in it for you?

Developing even the simplest idea takes different types of skill and expertise. The innovation office and the partners involved have networks and experience to make this process easier.

Working with us gives you access to these contacts and resources and our support.

In addition, UCLH has a revenue sharing policy meaning if you are the originator of an idea (the inventor) you can receive a proportion of any income if the idea is successfully commercialised.

More importantly, the development of your idea could become of significant benefit to the Trust, the NHS and of course patients.

Intellectual Property rights may be registered e.g. patents or registered trademarks or unregistered rights e.g. copyright.

To ask a question or tell us about your idea contact: uclhinnovation@uclb.com

About us

The Innovation Office, based at Maple House, is the first point of call for all staff when they have an innovative idea. The Innovation Office helps staff develop any novel ideas that may have commercial potential and provides advice on other intellectual property matters. The Innovation Office is co-located and works closely with the Joint Research Office and is run in partnership with UCLB.

Confidentiality is key

It is important that you do not make your idea or invention public before you speak to the Innovation Office. If you disclose your idea this may mean that you cannot obtain registered intellectual property rights making it difficult or impossible to get some kinds of funding to progress your idea. Examples of disclosures that should be avoided include: talks poster presentations, presentations to or meetings including staff that are not directly employed by the Trust, articles in professional journals, web sites or peer reviewed journals.

This does not mean that you must never discuss your invention with anyone else. For example, you can discuss it with colleagues at UCLH who have standard or honorary contracts with the Trust.

The innovation office may also arrange for you to discuss your idea with qualified (registered) lawyers, solicitors and patent attorneys; anything you say to or show them is legally privileged. Such discussions are in confidence and they will not tell anyone else.

Alternatively, you may need to discuss your invention with another external party through arrangements made by the Innovation Office. If so, a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA), also known as confidentiality agreements and confidentiality-disclosure agreements (CDA), can help.


Innovation Office

Joint Research Office (part of the Research Support Centre)
1st Floor Maple House Suite A/B
149 Tottenham Court Road
London W1T 7DN

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