Anand Patel

Anand Patel

Associate Business Manager



Dr Anand Patel is an Associate Business Manager working across the BioPharm portfolio. Anand achieved a first in his MSci degree in chemistry at UCL (2012-2016) and then pursued an interdisciplinary PhD (organic, physical and computational chemistry; 2016-2021) on firefly bioluminescence at UCL, where he disentangled the electronic structure and excited state dynamics of the firefly light-emitting species, oxyluciferin, for the first time, and synthesised novel oxyluciferin derivatives.

During his time of study, Anand competed in the 2014 Glasgow Commonwealth Games in artistic gymnastics and is currently competing as a triple jumper.

After his PhD, Anand worked in the industry partnerships and commercialisation team in medicine at Imperial College London before embarking on the LifeArc Technology Transfer Fellowship, where he experienced technology transfer across four London institutions (Queen Mary Innovations, LifeArc, Imperial Enterprise Start-up Team, and UCLB).

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