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BRIGHTLIGHT is a collaboration involving university and hospital researchers from London, Manchester, Leeds, Birmingham, and Southampton, funded by the National Institute for Health Research and the National Cancer Research Institute’s Teenage and Young Adults Clinical Studies Group.

Rachel Taylor, Senior Research Fellow for BRIGHTLIGHT on the Cancer Clinical Trials Unit, approached the UCLH innovation office to help with reporting to the funder.

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The office was also able to advise the research team about intellectual property and where copyright work was being generated, how the team could protect BRIGHTLIGHT and the hospital’s interests.

New questionnaires were developed to enable evaluation of how specialist services affect the success of treatment and how well young people return to normal life such as education or work after treatment.

The office was able to advise on how to report this to the funder, and provided information about copyright statements. The materials are available online through UCL’s XIP express licensing portal, which allows the team and the innovation office to easily manage requests from other groups to use the materials.

“Making the BRIGHTLIGHT Survey and related documents available through XIP portal has been invaluable for the research team. It is managed centrally so the team are not burdened with having to handle requests. There is also clear reporting of who has permission to use the questionnaires, for what reason and where they are located, which is important information for the funder. It means we are aware of people who we can potentially collaborate with in future studies, with similar interests. Plus we can also monitor for unlicensed use.”

Rachel Taylor, Senior Research Fellow, BRIGHTLIGHT