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Improving pain management in the clinical setting

MSERV provides patients, clinicians and hospital administrators with a digital approach to pain management. It has been through clinical trials at UCLH and is currently on service evaluations in NHS England, for example at Barts Heart Centre where MSERV is being trialled as part of their Enhanced Recovery after Cardiac Surgery (ERACS) initiative.

MSERV has been described as potentially the most important innovation in pain management since the Patient-Controlled Analgesia (PCA) device over 25 years ago.

It has a remarkable history too, from early stage ideation by a small team of consultant anaesthetists practising at UCLH in NHS and product development with the financial support of Innovate UK and UCL Business. Its innovators teamed with technology specialists Mvine to bring to market a cyber-secure, next-generation digital platform. (Together, they have deployed MSERV into the BT Customer Showcase at Adastral Park, the applied research campus where world-first and world-leading technologies have been created.)

The solution enables the accurate reporting of pain scores by patients themselves via a mobile app designed with the help of clinical psychologists.


The pain scores are aggregated and presented to the pain team in the form of analytics and alerts with details displayed on an electronic dashboard. This means that the over- and under- reporting of pain is eliminated, giving the pain team real-time information on patients’ progress and dynamic ward round routes.

It is possible to integrate MSERV with hospital systems such as Epic or Cerner to post pain scores straight into Electronic Patient Records systems as well as to capture patient survey results such as Quality of Recovery 15 (QOR-15) and Commissioning for Quality and Innovation (CQUIN) goals.

MSERV is proactively seeking registration as a Class II Medical Device and also CE Marking, both incredibly important steps towards full commercialisation of this very exciting new innovation coming out of UCL.

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