COVID-19 e-licensing

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Use our dedicated non-commercial site to provide non-exclusive, free-of-charge licences for COVID-19 technologies.

UCLB is supporting universities and selected research and governmental institutions across the world to rapidly disseminate technologies that can help in the fight against the COVID-19 pandemic.

We offer free hosting and licensing of IP that is:
• fully developed, ready to be licensed
• free of charge (licences can be time-limited)
• submitted by institutions’ technology transfer offices (TTOs).

Visit the COVID19 e-licensing site 

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Why use the COVID-19 e-licensing site?

• Licensee-friendly click-to-accept terms.
• Go from licence request to download of digital materials in minutes, not days.
• Get comprehensive reporting on your IP licensing (self-service).
• Stay in control of your licences:

o define your terms
o set your ‘licence check-out’ questions
o automated workflow for easy approval/rejection of licensee orders.

Making a global impact in the fight against COVID-19

Designs for the breathing aid developed by a UCL and Mercedes-AMG F1 team were released globally using the COVD-19 e-licensing site. In the first 48 hours from release of the files, 1100 licence requests were reviewed and 700 licences approved.

Read this case study to find out more