Founded in 2018


Research indicates that costs of poor quality (i.e. errors and waste) in production lines represent a loss
between 5-40% of revenues of every manufacturer globally.

This problem is amplified by the lack of digital skills in shopfloor teams, slow digitalisation efforts and
continuously unexpected non-conformities.

KIT-AR upskills shopfloor workers with a set of lean manufacturing tools:
– KIT BUILD digitalises companies’ processes and quality assurance requirements
– KIT ASSIST allows the visualisation of step-by-step instructions in augmented reality
– KIT SMART performs automated quality checks during each process
– KIT INSIGHT retrieves intelligence from shopfloor processes to enable continuous improvement

The result is a system set to continuously improve manufacturing production quality.
Benefits include reduced TAKT time, increased up-time, waste reduction and traceability, efficient linebalancing, reduced non-value time and accelerated digital enablement.

KIT-AR was founded in 2018 and operates globally through its three offices in Europe.