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Social Ventures

At UCLB, we work with UCL social ventures across a broad scope of projects, ranging from childhood healthy eating, to manufacturing paint from recycled coal waste. Below are some examples of the brilliant work that UCL's social entrepreneurs are carrying out.

Our mission to provide real impact extends to supporting social ventures – limited companies with a social purpose. UCLB are proud pioneers in this area, and the first technology transfer office to have a dedicated business manager to support projects with a social purpose.

We’d love to hear from businesses and partners that share our quest to create a positive impact. If you’re interested in working with one of our social ventures projects, get in touch.


Providing a flourishing social ventures ecosystem

Through the UCLB Social Ventures team, we're proud to offer a support network that encourages UCL's social entrepreneurs to flourish, taking projects from idea to social impact.

We work with social ventures projects across five key theme areas – Livelihoods & communities, Health, Equality, Environment, Arts & Humanities and Education.

The following pie chart outlines the theme area breakdowns for UCLB social ventures projects.

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Social Ventures theme graphic

The London Social Ventures Fund

Funded by Research England, The London Social Venture Fund is an exciting new initiative resulting from a collaboration led by Queen Mary University London (QMUL) and UCL, bringing together a diverse coalition of London universities, companies and local authorities to cultivate a pipeline of new social ventures in order to build a strong case for the establishment of an investment fund that will provide crucial support to emerging social ventures from the university space.

The rise of academic and student-led social ventures across Britain is addressing pressing social and economic challenges, making a profound impact on communities. With this initiative, we seek to create a nurturing ecosystem that fosters the growth of social ventures and ensures their long-term financial sustainability. Furthermore, the participating London universities will gather valuable data, insights, and best practices to demonstrate the effectiveness of this approach and we aim to share key learnings with colleagues across the UK. Additionally, the project will establish a robust support network for London-wide universities, offering vital assistance such as legal support, business model development, and mentoring. UCLB is proud to collaborate with other London universities and partners in this endeavour.


Are you a UCL academic look to develop a research project or innovation, for social good?

Discover how our Social Ventures team can take you from idea to impact.