MaxFlow Software


This software implements the popular maxflow algorithm described by Boykov and Kolmogorov in the paper:

"An Experimental Comparison of Min-Cut/Max-Flow Algorithms for Energy Minimization in Computer Vision", published in IEEE Transactions on Pattern Analysis and Machine Intelligence, September 2004. It is found to be particularly effective in computer vision applications.

MaxFlow Software2019-09-17T02:03:04+01:00

Bioactive Coating


A novel method of creating an inter-locked (high bond strength) bioactive coating on metallic substrates for orthopaedic applications.

Bioactive Coating2019-09-17T02:03:04+01:00

Novel Percutaneous Heart Valve


A novel design of artificial aortic valve for transcatheter implantation.

Novel Percutaneous Heart Valve2019-09-17T02:03:04+01:00

SnakeGrid Transformer for CAD


Based on research at UCL Civil, Environmental and Geomatic Engineering Department, SnakeGrid® Transformer is a plug-in software module for the Bentley MicroStation CAD package and allows the conversion of Bentley MicroStation design files "on the fly" between different SnakeGrids®, London Survey Grid, British National Grid settings and local grids such as the Reading Grid.

SnakeGrid Transformer for CAD2019-09-17T02:03:04+01:00

Delivery Device for Percutaneous Heart Valve


Delivery and recapture system and method for transcatheter prosthetic devices.

Delivery Device for Percutaneous Heart Valve2019-09-17T02:03:04+01:00

Superior X-Ray Imaging for Early Detection of Breast Cancer


Professor Robert Speller and his team at University College London have developed a novel phase contrast x-ray technology with the potential for improved image quality and enhanced diagnostic potential when applied to mammography. This technology will provide earlier more accurate detection of breast cancers when compared to current clinical practices.

Superior X-Ray Imaging for Early Detection of Breast Cancer2019-09-17T02:03:04+01:00

Method for preparing monodisperse microbubbles


A novel technology for producing monodisperse microbubbles ranging from a few to 200 micrometres in diameter.

Method for preparing monodisperse microbubbles2019-09-17T02:03:04+01:00

SnakeGrid (Local Coordinate Mapping)


SnakeGrid® products provide innovative solution to a significant problem in engineering surveying, namely the design of a coordinate system that has minimal scale factor and height distortion even when projects extend for many hundreds of kilometres.

SnakeGrid (Local Coordinate Mapping)2019-09-17T02:03:03+01:00