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The LIGPLOT software program automatically generates schematic 2-D representations of protein-ligand complexes from standard Protein Data Bank file input. The output is a colour or black-and-white PostScript file giving simple and informative representation of the intermolecular interactions, including hydrogen bonds and hydophyobic interactions. A java-based editor called LigEd allows the final plot to be interactively modified and fine-tuned if necessary.

The Technology and its Advantages

The LIGPLOT software remains one of the most popular programs of X-ray crystallographers, NMR spectroscopists and protein modellers with an interest in small molecular interactions.

Market Opportunity

The software is currently licensed to over a dozen major players in the pharmaceutical, biotech and agrochemical industries.

Intellectual Property Status

The software is copyright protected and available for commercial licensing via the UCLB online licensing portal:

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