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UCLB is the commercialisation company of UCL. We bring to market truly world-leading, world-changing technologies, innovations that have a real and positive impact on people’s lives.

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Anne Lane

Anne Lane talks tech transfer to Global University Venturing

Global University Venturing have released their latest podcast on tech transfer in a Talking Tech Transfer podcast featuring an in-depth conversation with UCLB’s CEO, Anne Lane.  Anne shares her views with Global University Venturing’s editor, Thierry Heles on the importance of the UCL Technology Fund (UCLTF) and Apollo Therapeutics, the advantages of social enterprises and working with carmaker Mercedes on the CPAP

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UCLB helps life-saving COVID-19 breathing aid to be shared around the world

UCLB’s technology transfer experts supported the team behind a life-saving breathing device for COVID-19 patients to share its designs and manufacturing instructions with governments and healthcare providers across the world. Free-of-charge licences have been granted in over 100 countries via UCLB’s innovative e-licensing platform, making a global impact in the fight against the virus.

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