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What we do—

Changing the world

UCLB is the commercialisation company of UCL and its partner NHS Trusts. We bring to market truly world-leading, world-changing technologies, innovations that have a real and positive impact on people’s lives.

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UCL Technology Fund announces first close of £100m Fund 2

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Featured Technology—

Softscreen – a shape-shifting capsule robot for gi endoscopy

Soft Shape-shifting Capsule Robot for Endoscopy based on Eversion Navigation (SoftSCREEN). A novel design for a capsule robotic system that propels itself through the gastrointestinal (GI) tract by means of a series of continuously everting elastic tracks (i.e. the tracks go from the inside of the capsule to the outside in a continuous manner) distributed all around its body.

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An introduction to UCLB’s new Associate Director of BioPharm

We recently interviewed Associate Director of BioPharm, Dr Mark Fisher, about his new position, the ever-developing field of technology transfer, and the importance of commercialisation in society today.

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Featured Technology—


SnakeGrid is a way of developing low-distortion coordinate systems for large engineering projects.

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Latest news and highlights

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Preliminary results from Carbalive and Dialive trials signal potential for new therapies to treat decompensated cirrhosis and reverse liver failure

/ UCLB News
Yaqrit, a clinical stage life sciences company focused on developing potentially innovative treatments for patients with advanced liver disease in ...

UCL artist launches paint made from coal mine waste

/ Social Ventures
Onya McCausland, a UCL Slade School of Fine Art graduate, has launched Six Bells Red, the first ever exterior/interior grade ...

AVATAR project receives £3.37 m to systemically evaluate its therapy to help those with auditory hallucinations

/ UCLB News
A team of researchers will be extending the evaluation of the unique AVATAR therapy and assessing the feasibility of making ...

Top US, UK, and EU universities working together to help economies fuel post-COVID recovery

/ UCLB News
Ten world-leading US, UK, and EU universities will discuss with leaders in national governments and funding bodies on how to ...


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"With UCLB's excellent advice, support and business expertise TrimTots is running and ready to roll!" Dr Julie Lanigan, Co-Founder of TrimTots "We could not have done this without UCLB. Their advice, guidance and expertise was invaluable" Professor Bobby Gaspar, Chief Scientific Officer, Orchard Therapeutics "UCLB’s input and support have been invaluable. Professional, expert and a pleasure to work with" Professor Elizabeth Murray, Founder of HeLP Digital CIC "UCLB are business savvy but also have a sensitive understanding of research. I am very grateful and significantly wealthier!" Professor Anthony Finkelstein, Systemwire/Message Automation “The valuable advice and support UCLB provided us with gave us the confidence and infrastructure to launch the Print Fair” Professor Susan Collins, Slade School of Fine Art Photo Jim Wileman © 2015 Royal Albert Memorial Museum & Art Gallery, Exeter City Council “UCLB are a great source of talent, expertise and experience, and have been super helpful for us over the years” Dr Daniel Hulme, CEO of Satalia "UCLB's experience and advice has proved pivotal in our development as a company" Rael Cline, CEO of MediaGamma