Easy-to-use materials evaluation agreement

4 July 2013


UCLB, Isis Innovation Ltd and Imperial Innovations Group plc have together prepared a new easy-to-use agreement to help companies evaluate exciting new materials that are coming out of the research laboratories of these three pre-eminent universities.


The materials that can be evaluated using this agreement include specific reagents, products or devices with applications in a broad range of fields such as diagnostics, drug development, drug screening tools, catalysts, nanomaterials including graphenes and biosensors. It is also envisaged that this agreement can be used to evaluate materials that form part of a broader package of intellectual property.


The agreement allows interested companies to access and evaluate the materials to see if they are of commercial interest to the company.  Having a simple template agreement minimises the work required for the company to make a start.


The Technology Transfer groups of Oxford University (Isis Innovation Ltd), Imperial College (Imperial Innovations Group Plc) and UCL (UCL Business PLC) have worked together to produce this agreement.  It is a great example of leading universities working together to make it easier for business to interact with universities.  This is the first of several agreements the Technology Transfer groups intend to produce together.


For further information relating to the agreement or materials please contact:

Gavin Plumpton

Senior Legal Affairs Executive