UCL-Venturas sent to India to help with COVID-19 surge

4 May 2021

UCL-Ventura CPAP device

UCL has sent 100 non-invasive breathing aids to India as part of the UK Government’s shipment of emergency medical supplies.

The UCL-Ventura breathing aid is part of over 600 devices including ventilators and oxygen concentrators being sent to the country, which is experiencing its biggest surge in COVID-19 infections, with over 350,000 new cases reported ( as of Monday 26th April).

Holistic supply partner GTEM packaged and transported the devices from their warehouse in Gloucestershire within just 24 hours. They are now being flown to Delhi for use in hospitals in India’s hardest hit areas.

In April 2020, UCLB supported the UCL Ventura team to make the plans and details required to make the device available for manufacturers to download at no cost, via an express COVID-19 licensing platform. Within just two days, nearly 700 requests to access the information had been approved for manufacturers, non-profits, health experts and research institutes in 25 countries.

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