Friday 20 October 2023

Episode 10: Commercialising research: the collaboration between tech transfer and investment

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In the tenth episode, Dr Anne Lane, CEO of UCLB and Dr Chris Hollowood, CEO of Syncona Investment Management, discussed the collaboration between their respective organisations in commercialising research. Syncona is a leading healthcare investment company focused on creating, building and scaling a portfolio of global leaders in life science; and Chris has been instrumental in the foundation and the development of its gene therapy strategy. In this podcast, Anne and Chris discussed how Syncona came about, its close relationship with UCL and UCL Business, and what attracted Syncona to invest in four UCLB companies. Chris also discussed the tech transfer ecosystem and what is next for Syncona.

Soundtrack by Harry Penfold and Thomas Shearwood.

Release date:  19 October 2023

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