Founded in 2011

Spoonful of Sugar

Founded and led by Professor Rob Horne (UCL Professor of Behavioural Medicine), Spoonful of Sugar applies behavioural science to help patients and healthcare professionals to get the best from effective treatments by enhancing adherence and optimising health outcomes. Their proven behavioural science tools and approaches are based on 25 years of world-leading research. This research has informed national and international guidelines, policies, and reports regarding adherence, including the NICE Medicines Adherence Guidelines, a WHO adherence report and British HIV guidelines. Spoonful of Sugar’s approach starts by understanding the issue or challenge. Then, using their proven frameworks and findings from their powerful behavioural insights research, Spoonful of Sugar create bespoke solutions and effective interventions. Applying personalised approaches, they address the perceptions and practicalities influencing individuals’ motivation and ability to adhere to treatment and health advice. They motivate and enable behaviour change, improving adherence, and ultimately health and economic outcomes. Spoonful of Sugar can help those in healthcare who face behavioural change challenges and offer support to those who need to understand current behaviours and drive change to a new paradigm. While many of their clients come from the pharmaceutical and biotech industries, their solutions can support other organisations too.